Preparation for Games

Home team Responsibilites:

1.  Game sheet ready 15 minutes prior to the start of the game.

2.  2 minor officals for the clocks.

3.  Insure sweater colors do no conflict.  (CLA rule  9: The Uniform section b:

     When colours of opposing team sweaters conflict, the home team shall change to

      sweaters of a distinctive colour.

4.  Home team supplies balls.

Visiting Team Responsibilities:

1.  Game sheets ready prior to game start time.

2.   One minor offical for the box.

3.  Declare sweater colors before the start of game.
Home teams should change jerseys in the case of both teams having the same main color of jersey.

If the home team only has one set of Jerseys they should bring a set of pinnies in an alternate color with them.

AS a courtesy if the home team has only one set of jerseys and the visiting team has two the visiting team should respectfully change jerseys.